...Holmes, who loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remained in our lodgings in Baker Street, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition...

Hey! Hey you guys! I am incapable of navigating fandoms larger than a few hundred, so I need your help...

Please rec me Sherlock stuff? (While my familiarity is only with the Beeb show for now, I expect book or film basis will not be a huge stretch...?) Any characters and any pairings or none/auto. I swear I’m not fussy, but the best thing would be if Holmes could stay asexual [even aromantic], but be kinky? Just...I wanna read headspace/subspace for, um, everyone really.

A fic on navigating scene aftercare with a sociopath? Ohh, this is a thing that I need! And if anyone has ever written sub!ace!Sherlock, well, my kingdom etc...

Also any fix-its for contemporary!Irene Adler/Scandal in Belgravia. Or any of Moff’s gender/race disasters, of course.
In the vein of my in defence of figure skating post from a few years ago, I have apparently decided to make an in defence of skateboarding post.

I expect it will bore 99% of you to tears... Not sorry :\

I can't really make a 'my favourite skaters' list, because that would invariably involve pretty much everyone who's even been on Flip (consistently the best, most interesting and most international team ever assembled) plus about two thirds of everyone from Pennsylvania or New Jersey (what the hell is in the water there?!) before I even got round to actually thinking about it.

(ETA: I've thought about it. It's Mark Appleyard. Apples is my favourite skater. <3 But: not the point of this post!)

So I thought I'd do this sort of 'why skateboarding is actually stupidly awesome' post instead. A short list designed entirely to make you smile, maybe gasp and go "woah" a little, with no prior knowledge or understanding of skateboarding required.


Everything goes behind a cut except this, because if you don't really care but maybe have time to watch just one vid, then WATCH THIS ONE.

This is Rodney Mullen. The sheer existence of Rodney Mullen, and the ability for him to do even, like, an *eighth* of the things he can actually do, I'm pretty sure breaks ALL LAWS OF NATURE EVER. All of this incredible - nay, incomprehensible... unfathomable... - tech-trick insanity wrapped up in a 40-something-year-old bundle of quiet, unassuming niceness.

So once we've picked our jaws up off the floor from that, I'll see you beyond the jump for the slightly more conventional stuff, and one intense bail.

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