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I am [ profile] comeoutcomeout on AO3 (and was [ profile] comeoutcomeout on LJ too) and, funnily enough, [ profile] comeoutcomeout on Twitter! But on Tumblr I'm [ profile] distantsun, just to keep you on your toes.

I am not majorly active on any of these media to be honest.
Uhh, no Sherlock vid(s) to Bloc Party's Positive Tension yet??

Honestly, what the hell are you wasting your time with?! It's been a week. Sort this out.

Fan with cinematic imagination but no editing software.
...Holmes, who loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remained in our lodgings in Baker Street, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition...

Hey! Hey you guys! I am incapable of navigating fandoms larger than a few hundred, so I need your help...

Please rec me Sherlock stuff? (While my familiarity is only with the Beeb show for now, I expect book or film basis will not be a huge stretch...?) Any characters and any pairings or none/auto. I swear I’m not fussy, but the best thing would be if Holmes could stay asexual [even aromantic], but be kinky? Just...I wanna read headspace/subspace for, um, everyone really.

A fic on navigating scene aftercare with a sociopath? Ohh, this is a thing that I need! And if anyone has ever written sub!ace!Sherlock, well, my kingdom etc...

Also any fix-its for contemporary!Irene Adler/Scandal in Belgravia. Or any of Moff’s gender/race disasters, of course.
Var på Sjømannskirken i går kveld.

Ikke egentlig religiøs, jeg, men...jeg visste ikke hvor jeg ellers skulle gå.

Satt og gråt. Tente et lys.

Så mye sorg. Og sinne.

Det som har skjedd er...ubegriplig. Helt ubegriplig.

Norge, dere har vært utrolig modige. Har vært ekstraordinære. Hele verden ser på blomstehavene, rosetogene, og vi...finner ikke ord.

Vi har så mye å lære av dere.

Og så mer enn sorg, mer enn sinne, har jeg bare så så så uendelig mye kjærlighet for det norske folket.

Now and forever, som vi sier.

Bilde fra Sydney, Australia
When I see a man approach and I cast down my eyes
I’m not laying down a hand, I’m not looking for a prize
It’s just a force of habit, this avoiding the male glance
Cos it isn’t worth the trouble and it isn’t worth the chance
Of them thinking that you’re actively ‘giving them the eye’
And not simply acknowledging a fellow passer-by
And no, I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I know what men have THOUGHT
And I live by my experiences and the lessons I’ve been taught
In a society where one such glance could put me in great danger
I’d rather look down at the floor than smile at a stranger
And in this tragedy of modern times where every man’s a threat
And every woman on her own is clearly ‘asking for it’
I fight and fight and fucking FIGHT to keep my head held high
So if I’m not catching your glances I’ll be looking at the SKY
And I’ve seen the way things could be and I’ve seen the way things are
And there’s nothing nice or wholesome about murder, rape, or war
And there’s absolutely nothing fair about the lack of equal pay
Or the fact that thousands of women are assaulted EVERY DAY
And that’s what’s running through my mind as I walk down the street
So don’t judge me if I look away...
And if our eyes SHOULD meet...
Just ask yourself how you would feel before you turn to shout
If you were always half-afraid of men when you went out
And ask yourself how you would feel if every single day
When you went to your wardrobe or you walked a certain way
You had to wonder what a judge would say about your skirt
And whether if you wear those heels you’re asking to get hurt
And whether you should have a drink or stick with lemonade
Because you know how many women every minute are betrayed
By someone they thought they could trust, or who they have just met
And whether you can go outside and smoke a cigarette
Without dealing with the ‘banter’ from the usual drunk lout
And whether you’ll need the alarm in the handbag you brought out
And whether you should call a friend to walk the journey home
Because you know you’re vulnerable when you’re walking alone
So if you see me in the street, don’t ask me for a smile
And don’t assume I dress for you or appreciate your vile
Assertion of ownership on a body that’s my own
When all I really want to do is make it safely home
Cos I’m already fighting to be here in the first place
Without having to worry about a smile upon my face
So don’t attempt to hit on me with chauvinistic bile
And before you comment on my shoes
That awkward moment when one half of an OTP you've had for a decade suddenly dies in a horrific auto accident, aged only 34.

Don't really know what the acceptable level of emotion is in situations like this, but, I'm seriously sad and reeling :(

Ryan, my wife and I - and some stranger somewhere who made the mistake of coming to one our parties once! - have haggard home-done brands on our asses because of you, you dick ;)

You hilarious, big-hearted, gorgeous, beardy, ginger dick...
In the vein of my in defence of figure skating post from a few years ago, I have apparently decided to make an in defence of skateboarding post.

I expect it will bore 99% of you to tears... Not sorry :\

I can't really make a 'my favourite skaters' list, because that would invariably involve pretty much everyone who's even been on Flip (consistently the best, most interesting and most international team ever assembled) plus about two thirds of everyone from Pennsylvania or New Jersey (what the hell is in the water there?!) before I even got round to actually thinking about it.

(ETA: I've thought about it. It's Mark Appleyard. Apples is my favourite skater. <3 But: not the point of this post!)

So I thought I'd do this sort of 'why skateboarding is actually stupidly awesome' post instead. A short list designed entirely to make you smile, maybe gasp and go "woah" a little, with no prior knowledge or understanding of skateboarding required.


Everything goes behind a cut except this, because if you don't really care but maybe have time to watch just one vid, then WATCH THIS ONE.

This is Rodney Mullen. The sheer existence of Rodney Mullen, and the ability for him to do even, like, an *eighth* of the things he can actually do, I'm pretty sure breaks ALL LAWS OF NATURE EVER. All of this incredible - nay, incomprehensible... unfathomable... - tech-trick insanity wrapped up in a 40-something-year-old bundle of quiet, unassuming niceness.

So once we've picked our jaws up off the floor from that, I'll see you beyond the jump for the slightly more conventional stuff, and one intense bail.

Read more... )
Just reactivating this baby because I'm about to sign up for [community profile] kink_bingo. Because I've been writing a tiny bit again lately. And I feel like the challenge. And while LJ is still home to all my itty bitty RPS fandoms, the DW fannish community does seem to be the place I could learn the most from.

Wish me luck!!

Mar. 7th, 2010 11:37 pm
I haven't journalled since about a month before I left Perth...? Proper ages ago. And I feel like I'm kinda forcing myself to now. But I have this shiny new Dreamwidth thanks to [personal profile] apatheia_jane... I'm sure things will pick up when media season comes around again. NuWho obviously is going to be massive this Easter, plus a final season of Ashes to Ashes, which I think I'm stoked about.

I don't know why I didn't weigh in on The End of Tennant, given that I was getting it in real-time with a whole nation. I guess, what was their to say? You couldn't miss the blinding Doctor/Master gheyness even if you wanted to, and I totally cried at most of the Doctor/Wilf interactions, like most everyone; go on, try to deny it.

So what's new on the tubes of late? [ profile] ontd_skating is addictive crack. And the Winter Olympics anon kink meme needs more love, go write for it.

This photo popped up in an official capacity in one of my old (but undying) fandoms recently, much joy ensued. Bam Margera's always been pretty queer, let's be honest, and he's never not been out if you had half a brain to see it (on tele shows and radio in ways you could choose not to see if it bothered you; later in real life in ways you couldn't ignore, but only if you happened to be there to witness it), but this is certainly the most consciously public display yet. So props for that. I have waited many a long year for my first out queer skate rat :) (Me and Larry Clark both.)

I saw A Single Man recently, the Tom Ford film. It's beautiful the way American Beauty was beautiful. It's also MASTERFULLY directed. Incredible use of softly implied paedophilia/sexualisation of children to fvck with people's perceptions of older gay men. Also proved a point to me that homo stories do need to be told, additional to hetero stories, because both [ profile] _porcelina and I reacted with sadness to this plot line in a way I would not expect to react to a similar plot with straight characters. I just found that interesting...



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